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Post that I'll listen to it when it's up, 2 mins later I see your track in the recent feed. Excellent timing haha.

Yeeee, pretty much all good L A D, it's got the Madness stamp all over it. Extra thumbs up to the Vocalised Trancegating instances, always a fan ;)

DESHIEL responds:

Thanks for your time Lich, always a pleasure to have you around ;)

Played this a few times at work on the Office speaker since a few of us usually turn on the Classical Radio station in the morning. We all liked the piece, no one really had any criticism and I think it does fit the artpiece quite nicely. I'm not that grounded in theory so I can't really convey my thoughts fully in detail so I do apologise about the lack of info on that part.

So ayyyy, another great Solo Piece!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oh nice, thanks for doing that! It's awesome to hear that everyone seemed to like it :)
Can't imagine it to be the most fun piece to listen to at work, but I'm sure there are worse ones, haha :D

Don't worry about not being a master of theory; neither am I. I just had fun composing the piece!
Thank you for listening, and for writing down your thoughts :333

Well you've definitely made good use of the Kontakt Factory Library, much better than I could pull off haha.

Big fan of the folk-esq overall atmosphere and the creative panning work you've done throughout the piece, it works so nicely with the Maverick supporting it aswell. Into the favourites it goes ;)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I mean, its the only thing I had with specifically Irish instruments (and I wanted to somewhat follow the description I was given, for the piece)! I'm glad it sounds okay :D
Thanks for listening, reviewing and favoriting!

I'll review your piece soon, once I get a few things done first :'3

A nice solid Solo Instrument entry. Pretty daring doing it in AIM but I think you've got something here solid enough to fit with the art theme.

Only real complaint would be how the reverb occasionally resonates unnaturally at points and sounds weird through my speakers and headphones frequency-wise, but otherwise it's no biggie.

frootza responds:

Thank you Lich! A bit daring, I agree! I can hear what you mean about the unnatural reverb, it was tricky with my headphones but I know just what you mean! Thank you for the review!

Ayyy this is pretty solid so far. I'm feeling the atmosphere of a dying space frigate slowly crumbling from damage and spiralling away into deep space.

Alarm pulses and delayed lead stabs are extra tasty to the ol' ears. Make some more haha.

DESHIEL responds:

I'm glad you noticed that I was referencing alarm in there :D

I did write a longer review out earlier, but I accidentally closed my tab haha.
Anyway, yeah this is a top-5 contender so far and probably for the rest of the competition.

Only things I could (personally) think of which I could think this could be improved:
- Adding some additional drive/saturation to some of the rythmic tonals on lower-note sounding inserts (the higher ones do this quite nicely already).
- Making some of the bass arp instances abit louder.
- Some additional stereo imaging to declutter, but still have all of your elements present in the 2:32-3:12 segment of the track.

Ayyy that's it really. Everything else is pretty damn solid. Nice work m8 ;)

Montron responds:

Thank you for your thoughtful constructive criticism. :) Your entry is also fucking awesome!!!!

Thanks again for the kind words!!

Puts Merzbow to shame.

gr8 trak m8 i r8 8/8 bby xx

Ayyyyyyy, this is pretty awesome.
Have a 5/5 sir!

DESHIEL responds:

thanks m'lord :D

Remember Turok 1 for the PS1 and N64? This sounds along the lines of that kind of structuring music-wise with a heavier tech-focus to it. Were you using AlterEgo for the backing voice-pad? It sounds very familiar ( + it accompanied the track pretty well).

Already voted + Favourite earlier haha. Lets see how many people will comment on the piece now!

DESHIEL responds:

Yes. AlterEgo is now my go-to for vocals :)

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