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Planning out the last 1/3 of the year, I've decided that I will immediately start work on a second LichLord album. Few things of note that are planned:

- Cutting down the playtime to around 35-40 mins and around 6-7 origonal tracks, but counterbalancing the shortened playlength with a greater variety in structuring, compositional differences between tracks and a much wider variety of sound design sources overall. Soul Consumption Manifest ended up dragging on a tad too long along with having abit too much filler, so hopefully this shall be an overall improvement over the first album.
- Focusing on pushing forward a much more Aggro / Dark Cinematic fusion. I've got a very large arsenal of Kontakt Libraries alongside Synths, I really should be using them more along with quite a few processing FX obtained in the last couple of months haha.
- Diversifying lyrical flows and vocal techniques further. It's likely that I'll probably experiment with style-layering aswell as tweaking the processing chains in general.

No estimated time on when this will be finished, but it shouldn't take an enormous amount of time to do. I've almost finished building up a master compositional template (which shall be finished by the end of the week) and I've got mixing preset chains all saved from SCM I can recycle very quickly. Prehaps a December release could be viable if I have a good few months in terms of personal project time being available.

As I slowly get content developed, I'll keep you all upto date with snippets of in-progress work. I'll be taking an enormous risk with some of the rough ideas I've got planned for Album #2, but in the name of experimentation & progression, it must be done 👌

Special thanks to everyone who has checked out Soul Consumption Manifest during the August release, to the radio stations who have played content from SCM and for those who have purchased SCM on Bandcamp. I shall (hopefully) keep you all interested & hyped going into Album #2.

For those who missed my last announcement, Soul Consumption Manifest is available on Bandcamp: https://lichlord.bandcamp.com/

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