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Post that I'll listen to it when it's up, 2 mins later I see your track in the recent feed. Excellent timing haha.

Yeeee, pretty much all good L A D, it's got the Madness stamp all over it. Extra thumbs up to the Vocalised Trancegating instances, always a fan ;)

DESHIEL responds:

Thanks for your time Lich, always a pleasure to have you around ;)

Played this a few times at work on the Office speaker since a few of us usually turn on the Classical Radio station in the morning. We all liked the piece, no one really had any criticism and I think it does fit the artpiece quite nicely. I'm not that grounded in theory so I can't really convey my thoughts fully in detail so I do apologise about the lack of info on that part.

So ayyyy, another great Solo Piece!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oh nice, thanks for doing that! It's awesome to hear that everyone seemed to like it :)
Can't imagine it to be the most fun piece to listen to at work, but I'm sure there are worse ones, haha :D

Don't worry about not being a master of theory; neither am I. I just had fun composing the piece!
Thank you for listening, and for writing down your thoughts :333

I've just been listening to this on loop for the last 25 mins or so while doing some last minute admin work before heading back home from work. It actually works out quite nice for background music since it's arranged and loops so nicely.

Plus that's such a damn nice Piano tone, is it a mixed patch?

Phonometrologist responds:

Nice! Well I appreciate you letting me know your thoughts on it. The piano is 8Dio's latest piano library: 1971 Estonia Grand. The UI does allow an individual to mix different piano patches, i.e. staccato, legato, etc. I implemented that in the middle section. But I also preverbed the piano in the beginning so I can get the notes to resonate a bit longer.

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When I see this piece and imagine what the scene is like, I can imagine the mental state of the person in the image slowly degrading away, emotional trauma grinding away deep inside to the point of extreme action. Who knows what's on the screen though? A dark, ultimate revelation? Extreme emotional and mental degrading of the subject? Being found out for something extreme? Talking to friends one last time online before performing suicide? The angel-wing bloodstain from the bullet wound behind the head I feel represents ascendancy of the soul as the ultimate relief from a painful life, ready to move onto the next great adventure beyond the mortal realm.

Hope you don't mind that I used this piece as an inspiration piece for my second AIM entry!

zephyo responds:

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment ^_^ I love yor interpretation. If you want to know what I was thinking was going on here, the girl is livestreaming her suicide. You should totally show me your entry!

Physical art with sculptures has always been something I've wanted to do for quite awhile. Everything in this piece fits together really well. The waxy skin texture, the bloodshot eyes, the glazed look of near-death, the thin synthetic hair, even the teeth tucked away inside of the sculpture and slightly poking out are great! The symbolism completes it and gives it the 5/5 from me, fantastic work!

The Art-Inspired Music contest for Newgrounds in 2017 is currently underway. I hope that you don't mind that I've used this piece of artwork as inspiration towards my track which I've entered.

zephyo responds:

that's totally fine! and this is such a lovely, considerate review. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it ^_^

So Deshiel, dem0lecule and I challenged each other in a compose-off duel to make a track each based off of a piece of Newgrounds based art and this artistic piece was selected!

Deshiel (Entry)

dem0lecule (Entry)

Lich (Me) (Entry)

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