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2017 Gear List

2017-02-05 16:36:38 by Lich

So this is the updated version of my gear list which I've seperated properly (and removed expansion packs from). The vast majority of the below Software & Library packs I've picked up in various sales over the span of around 5 years, so I've spent much, much less than what the entire lot looks like it's worth. Looking more into general studio furniture & hardware this year instead!

- FL Studio 12.3
- Adobe Audition CC

- Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1
- Xfer Serum
- Tone2 Gladiator2
- Arturia V-Collection
- Eastwest Composer Cloud - FULL PACKAGE
- Eastwest Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs Platinum
- Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0
- Adam Szabo's JP6K V1.5
- Native Instruments Battery 4
- Native Instruments Kontakt 5
- Image-Line Sytrus
- Image-Line Morphine
- Image-Line PoiZone
- Image-Line Sawer
- CamelAudio Alchemy Player
- Cakewalk Rapture
- Cakewalk Dimensions Pro
- UVI Digital Synsations

- - - NI Factory Library
- - - NI Action Strings
- - - NI Alicia's Keys
- - - 8DIO Free Radicals
- - - 8DIO Progressive Metal
- - - 8DIO Drumstep
- - - 8DIO The Stroh Violin
​​- - - LuxNox PercPLUS
- - - ImpactSoundWorks Shreddage 1
- - - ImpactSoundWorks Shreddage 2
​​- - - ImpactSoundWorks Cinematic Synthetic Drums
- - - Heavyocity Evolve
- - - Heavyocity Vocalise
- - - SoundIron Ambius 2
- - - SoundIron Olympus Micro
- - - SoundIron Tape
- - - SoundIron Drip
- - - SoundIron Crystal
- - - SoundIron Temple Drums
- - - SoundIron Iron Pack 03
- - - SoundIron Iron Pack 07
- - - Sonokinetic Aliye
- - - Sonokinetic Delphi
- - - Sonokinteic Gediz
- - - Sonokinetic Ethnic Voice
​​- - - Xclusive-Audio The Morpheus
- - - KontaktBanks VIROLOGY
- - - Cinesamples Drums of War 1
- - - Loopmasters Cult Club Synths
- - - Prodyon Shortnoise
​​- - - Prodyon Liftor
​​- - - Prodyon Votox XS
- - - Audio Imperia - Scenes From The Multiverse Vol. 1
​- - - AudioModern SYNC 1
​- - - AudioModern SYNC 2
​​- - - AudioModern SYNC 3
- - - Sampleism PadStation 2
​​- - - Sampletraxx Sinedust
​​- - - CL Projects Virologic Collection
​​- - - Particular Sound Aphelion
​​- - - Generdyn Punching Percussion
- - - OddSamples Chant Tool Vol. 1
- - - IvyAudio Clare Solo
- - - RigidAudio Synferno (Beat Community Edition)
- - - DJSH Nova
​- - - DJSH Texture
​- - - DJSH Junk
​- - - DJSH Ultimatum
​- - - DJSH Punisher
- - - DJSH Recall
​- - - DJSH Metal
​- - - DJSH Barbarian
​- - - DJSH Lucid
​- - - DJSH Hybrid Cronicles

- Focusrite RED2
- Focusrite RED3
- Cakewalk CA-2A
- Brainworx bx_opto Pedal
- Brainworx bx_meter
- Soundtoys Sie-Q
- IKMultimedia Amplitube 3 (Metal Pack)
- Waves Gold Bundle
- Waves One-Knob Series
- Waves SSL-E
- Waves IMPusher
- Waves Center
- Waves NLS
- Waves Scheps 73
- Waves Kramer PIE
- Waves Bass Rider
- Waves DeBreath
- Ohmforce Ohmicide
- Inear Gorgon
- Softtube Saturation Knob
- Native Instruments Driver
- Aegean PitchProof
- Adam Szabo's Phazor
- Antares Auto-Tune Live
- Antares Auto-Tune EFX 2
- Antares EVO Harmony Engine
- Antares EVO CHOIR
- Antares EVO DUO
- Antares EVO Mic-Mod EFX
- iZotope Nectar Elements
- iZotope DDLY
- iZotope Vinyl
- Image-Line Maximus
- Image-Line IL Vocodex
- Image-line Gross Beat
- Image-Line Pitcher
- Minimal Systems Stereo Bus Compressor
- Minimal Systems SSI Compressor
- Minimal Systems Master Limiter
- Minimal Systems Master Compressor
- Minimal Systems Tri-Comp

- - IMG-Stage ECM 140 (USB - Condenser)
- - Shure SM58 (XLR - Dynamic)
- - ADAM A5X (pair)
- - Boss SE-50
- - Nomad Axxeman
- - Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ1502
- - Behringer Virtualiser Pro DSP1000
- - Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
- - Boss OD-20
- - Dell S2240T Touch Screen Monitor
- - Audient iD22
- - Cakewalk UA-4FX
 - Intel Xeon E5 1650 V3
 - ASRock X99 WS
 - 16GB DDR4 ECC REG Server-Grade RAM

Soul Consumption Manifest - Update

2016-09-24 21:26:38 by Lich

Just an Album Update, things are going well. The release is still set to 'Unknown' but thanks to alot of the rewrite work I've been going through and mixing everything again from the ground up (as compared to the shoddier standard of Late2015/Early2016 when I started on this) as well as the addition of extra tracks (some of these which have appeared on NG already have alternative versions on the album) which increases the runtime of the album upto around 65-80%.

I still have every intention of releasing the album for free. Any £££ I plan to make in the future will be purely based off of Merch, Commision or Contest Winnings (making music is simply an expensive hobby for me as opposed to a full on way-of-life), I'm not in a position to really get much out of either at the moment haha.

Some explanations for the list below:
 - In The Name Of Bloodlust + I Serve The Darkness require some ridiculous processing power to run, I'm thankful that I have a decent Xeon Workstation to do this all on. it's primarially the mixing chains I have setup on every single channel for these pieces along with the ridiculous double drum-machine work I've done for both of them. If any of you know about the fun little page regarding Mohs Scale Of Lyrical Hardness, I'd like to say that 'In The Name Of Bloodlust' scores an 11 on the scale haha. To be honest, the entire album scores around 8-11 on it when I have a look at the lyric sheets.
 - The Cinematic Intro will probably be full on Atmospheric + Glitchy Drum lines along with Spoken passages. I'll keep it limited to a Minute long tops just to be safe. Good opportunity to flex my cinematic muscles with some of the extra packs I've been purchasing recently.
 - Soul Consumption Manifest will be te last & longest track on the album, clocking in at over 10 mins in length.
 - The Average runtime for the album tracks is around 6-8 minutes each, give or take 30 seconds in either way.
 - I don't like the way that 'You'll Never Be Found' had turned out when uploading an Early Copy onto NG earlier this year. I'm currently washing it through some kind of musical hell to try and get something more unforgiving and nastier to work with.
 - If anyone wants some WIP previews of what I've been doing for any of these tracks, just give me a shout through my NG Page, Facebook Page, Skype or Email.


Madness Day

2016-09-21 20:58:21 by Lich

I usually don't bother with MD news Posts, but for once I thought it would be nice to do so.
Happy Madness Day chaps (currently in UK time). I will have some time later to go through and view & listen to everyone's entries!

I've even just finished my own (in a hurry). Playing around with Vocodex was great fun for this track haha. Enjoy!

Magnification Chamber (MD2016)

(Delayed) April 2016 Release - Soul Consumption Manifest

2015-12-15 20:27:11 by Lich

Special thanks to @SubliminalVirus for being the creator of this fantastic piece of cover art for my album! I would highly suggest that you all subscribe to her, she definitely deserves some more subscribers!


Coming in April - Soul Consumption Manifest
Band Name: LichLord
Price -FREE- - Available on Bandcamp to download, available to play on Newgrounds
Genre - Electro-Industrial

Track Listing: (Approx Runtime - 30-35 Minutes)
1) Thy Burning Lands - COMPOSING
2) In The Name Of Bloodlust - RECORDING VOCALS
3) Radioactive Heavens - READY
4) Poisoned Testing Facility - READY
5) Soul Consumption Manifest - RECORDING VOCALS

Wondered why I haven't been uploading much over the last couple of months? The above would be why, I have been slowly developing tracks at my own place to put into a full album at a much higher artistic quality than my other work. I'm loving every minute of this so far and I hope that you, my fellow listerners and subscribers shall enjoy it too. If you're interested in hearing or discussing more about this, comment below and I am happy to answer.

EDIT: This has been delayed to late April due to rewriting about half of the album towards a better sounding standard than what I have composed so far.
EDIT2: Tracks which have been canned like 'We Ascend' and 'Void Serpent' will be reworked for a future release/

Pick what I should remake (Audio)

2015-02-02 19:20:54 by Lich

Feeling up to making a 2015 remake of one of my older tracks. I've designed from scratch and built up over a good 6 months around three whole private banks in Omnisphere, Gladiator and IL Sawer for whatever I need now (Around 200 patches!)

I'll leave this up to the citizens of Newgorunds to decide. Out of these really shitty tracks (in the days I sounded like a huge ass), what should I go through and competly redo and elevate to above-average standard?

Front Paged! & New Audio for 2015

2015-01-07 21:02:04 by Lich

Thank you very much for the Front Page feature! In celebration I finished these two tracks off in record time and have uploaded them as my first submissions for 2015!



Audio News (December)

2014-12-03 18:17:43 by Lich

Welcome to my corner again! Music news from Lich


1) Ascended Through Agony - Delay due to quality control (for the greater good though)

It's safe to say that I've improved as a musician over the last 6 months more so than any period in the past. My taste, compositions, mastering, patch creation and writing mainly. So tracks made at the start of the development period honestly don't sound anywhere as good as later stuff. So it's really time I went through, gutted the lot apart and pick everything apart bit by bit untill I am satisfied with the end product. Ideally i want to do this so I don't regret it later on down the line and it gives me a golden opportunity to go through everything with more feature-ridden, better sounding and updated versions of various Softsynths and FX/Mastering tools I have been using. Stay tuned for more soon.


2) Expect an EP before an Album (and expect it to sound awesome and priced at 'pay whatever/almost free'

I'll play it safe for now and release a 4-track EP or something along the lines of that. December gives me an ass-load of free time and with everything else out of the way and dealt with I could easily do a track per 20 hours if I at least moderately apply myself. I might even feel spiritual enough to create a contest on the Newgrounds audio forum for peeps to do full remixes of either one of two tracks offered (with cash prizes up for grabs!) I would be more than happy to give out full MIDI scores, samples and whatever else to let contestants have enough material to do a good job!


3) "Lich, is there any normal upoads you are working on to dump to Newgrounds?"

Working on Gutting my album progress apart and sorting an EP out for filler to keep the fans happy. Chances are rejected tracks will end up being skeaed onto Newgrounds for people to listen and download for free anyway haha. Keep an eye out, I may have a fair few uploads for this month!


4) The LichLord Logo

I'm probably going to go through another design rehash now that I have my Graphics tablet fully operational and have grown pretty competant with it, I might even try my hand at doing my own EP cover for the hell of it (sticking with Rhunyc's awesome commision job he done for my album cover for the album though!) Pics coming soon.

Lich News

2014-10-26 20:02:30 by Lich

Welcome back everyone.


First of all, Check out this three-way collab rack JRob, Piper and I have made,=:


Next, Ascended Through Agony took abit of a back seat but is still in production. Still aiming to get a good 15 tracks done for it so be patient haha. Got some really awesome stuff sitting around ready (it sounds glorious but only I can hear it for now haha)


As final, I have now optained myself an Intuos PTS so for the first time in around 2-3 years I am starting to do Tablet drawing work in photoshop once again. I'm like super rusty but I'll throw an early WIP below. My main problem with artwork is that I have shaky hands and I'm colourblind so I tended to of done my past pieces either completly black or white or with limited colour-work in. Expect a rather scratchy and decayed-looking piece once I get around to finishing. The end result will be a Lich looking at a Grimoire powering up a spell in Armored robes.



So the plans to construct my full (in real life) suit of Cyber Armor has how officially started with the ordering of several hundred £££ worth of equipment to start the base off of as. The plan is to get it to a functionally presentable level for Halloween and then modify it even further untill it looks like a truly unique piece in it's own right!

The Full suit of it will be White plated Cybernetic/Futuristic-looking armor (with a Biohazard-styled Cybergoth kilt/skirt going down the the legs to around past the kneecaps) and most of the gaps will have Neon Green EL wire ran through them and powered up to turn on with a flick of a switch. No helmet for this edition, it's purely going to be Hood, Mask and goggles for now (see profile pic). I was thinking about naming this suit of cyber armor once it's done something along the lines of 'Biowither MK1 Cybershell'.

Who knows what the future will bring? Maybe in the MK2 edition next year I could design and heavily mod a helmet to have a functioning visor or have some kind of eyepiece connected to an Android device sneakily running inside of the suit etc. Make things abit bulkier or whatnot.

I should recieve the Majority of the top base by Thursday/Friday so I'll throw some pics across then aswell once I've sprayed over any unnecessary logo's etc. Stay tuned for another very exiting update!

Standard News Post

2014-09-02 14:52:30 by Lich

1) Madness day is in 20 days, definitely making an Electro-Industrial track for it this year. My personal guarantee that it will be much, much better than last year's one (which somehow got 2nd place).

2) Album: Ascended Through Agony is nearly finished. No additional demo's but hang tight!

3) Expect to see some Electro-Cinematic pieces on the side. 'Thunderfist' was merly an experimentation compared to what I have cookin up!

4) I'm gonna win the Worst Song contest, just you guise wait. I have something especially bad being formed.