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My New Hardware Vocal Chain BEGINS!

2015-03-11 20:08:24 by Lich

So I have began the quest to slowly achieve the most diabolical & nasty sounding vocal chain I can piece together with second-hand hardware for my Electro-Industrial vocal work so I can shift away from the reliance of software altogether. Hell of a lot more stable and I can use the vocal chain live for any live future projects or bands I participate in Vocal-wise!


Current Hardware Chain:

Shure SM58 (Mic) --> Boss SE-50 (FX Processor) --> Boss OD-20 (Overdrive/DIstortion Double Pedal) --> Roland UA-4FX (Backup Audio Capture/Playback & Multi-FX Unit, Saffire Pro Interface faulty and sent back for replacement).

What I Want To Get:

A Parallel Compressor Pedal - A Gate/Supressor Half-Rack - A Delay Rack (to run post-distortion in the chain) - A Better Vocal Mic (Looking at probably getting a Shure Super55) - My Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 being sent back to me in working order would also be nice (dat preamp on it tho).



2015-02-08 11:18:42 by Lich

So I've ordered the bits to my new DAW build.

I'ma saving abit of money by just gutting out the current components out of my BitFenix Colossus, keeping my aftermarket 2000RPM Noctua fans in there and just installing these new components!

Sadly the ESI cards are out of stock like everywhere so I'm going to stick with a Saffire Pro for now for a few months and then probably look into getting an RME card or External interface later on.

Went with the Xeon E5 1650-V3 in the end as the 2620-v3's are currently out of stock. Not really planning on upgrading to anything further for the next couple of years, the 1650-V3 is probably the most I will need. Being able to run full DDR4 ECC-REG RAM is a bonus and actually works out slightly cheaper than standard non-ecc sticks consumers buy most of the time (for some strange reason).

Don't really care that much on the GPU side but I need abit of future-proof juice for any graphical DAW or VST applications. Plus triple Displayport 1.2 is super nice.

I already have some spare SSD's and mechanical HDD's to store bits on. Just the 850 EVO I'll keep as an OS drive and operate the rest like normal.

@Brentheman - Not as insane as it was origonally going to be (money's abit tighter currently) but it still should perform pretty damn well considering that Xeon E5-1650V3 is like a slightly beefed-up 5930K with ECC Support and extra protocols haha.


Pick what I should remake (Audio)

2015-02-02 19:20:54 by Lich

Feeling up to making a 2015 remake of one of my older tracks. I've designed from scratch and built up over a good 6 months around three whole private banks in Omnisphere, Gladiator and IL Sawer for whatever I need now (Around 200 patches!)

I'll leave this up to the citizens of Newgorunds to decide. Out of these really shitty tracks (in the days I sounded like a huge ass), what should I go through and competly redo and elevate to above-average standard?

Front Paged! & New Audio for 2015

2015-01-07 21:02:04 by Lich

Thank you very much for the Front Page feature! In celebration I finished these two tracks off in record time and have uploaded them as my first submissions for 2015!



Now an Official Lord

2014-12-11 18:30:29 by Lich

Greetings Plebeians.

As of the 10th December, I have now ascended to the ranks of Lordship due to a nice combination of going with the cheapest package which would give me the title legally and an awesome 40% off discount code (Novelty land is great haha). Just waiting for my Title Deed to arrive in the post now.

Feel free to call me Lord Lich (or just call me by my standard musician name: LichLord). I respond very well to answers of "Yes my Lord!" and "No my Lord!"

So here's an updated list of all of the plugin's and hardware I'm currently using for a various amount of projects:


- FL Studio 11.1 Signature Bundle (Running x64 Instance)
- Adobe Audition CC
- Adobe Audition CS6

###Synths & Libraries###
- Spectrasonics Omnisphere
- Native Instruments Battery 4
- Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (Full) Libraries:
- - - NI Factory Library
- - - NI Action Strings
- - - NI Alicia's Keys
- - - 8DIO Free Radicals
- - - 8DIO Progressive Metal
- - - 8DIO Drumstep
- - - ImpactSoundWorks Shreddage 1
- - - ImpactSoundWorks Shreddage 2
- - - Heavyocity Evolve
- - - SoundIron Ambius 2
- - - SoundIron Olympus Micro
- - - Sonokinetic Aliye
- - - Sonokinetic Delphi
- - - KontaktBanks VIROLOGY
- - - Cinesamples Drums of War 1
- - - Loopmasters Cult Club Synths
 - Arturia V-Collection - Includes:
- - - Arturia Analogue Lab
- - - Arturia Mini V
- - - Arturia Modular V
- - - Arturia CS-80 V
- - - Arturia ARP2600 V
- - - Arturia Jupiter 8-V
- - - Arturia Wurlitzer-V
- - - Arturia Prophet V
- - - Arturia Oberheim SEM V
- - - Arturia Spark Drums
- Eastwest Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
- Eastwest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver
- Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0
- - - SDX The Metal Foundry Expansion
- Adam Szabo's JP6K V1.5
- Image-Line Sytrus
- Image-Line Morphine
- Image-Line PoiZone
- Image-Line Sawer
- Tone2 Gladiator2
- - - Gladiator2 Electronic Expansion
- CamelAudio Alchemy Player
- - - Biolabs Darkspace
- - - Cinematic Impacts
- - - Dream Voices
- - - Viral Outbreak
- Cakewalk Rapture
- Cakewalk DImensions Pro

###Effects & Mixing/Mastering###
- Image-Line Maximus
- Image-Line IL Vocodex
- Image-line Gross Beat
- Image-Line Pitcher
- Waves Gold Bundle (V9.3) - Includes:
- - - Waves Autotrack
- - - Waves C1 Compressor
- - - Waves C4 Multiband COmpressor
- - - Waves DeEsser
- - - Waves Doppler
- - - Waves Doubler
- - - Waves Enigma
- - - Waves GTR3 Amps
- - - Waves GTR3 Stomps
- - - Waves GTR3 ToolRack
- - - Waves H-Comp
- - - Waves H-Delay
- - - Waves IR-L
- - - Waves L1 UltraMaximiser
- - - Waves MaxxBass
- - - Waves MetaFlanger
- - - Waves MondoMod
- - - Waves MV2
- - - Waves PAZ
- - - Waves Q10
- - - Waves Renaissance Axx
- - - Waves Renaissance Compressor
- - - Waves Renaissance EQ
- - - Waves Renaissance Reverb
- - - Waves S1
- - - Waves Supertap
- - - Waves TrueVerb
- - - Waves UltraPitch
- - - Waves V-Comp
- - - Waves V-EQ3
- - - Waves V-EQ4
- - - Waves Vitamin
- - - Waves Tune LT
- Waves One-Knob Series - Includes:
- - - Waves One-Knob Brighter
- - - Waves One-Knob Driver
- - - Waves One-Knob Filter
- - - Waves One-Knob Louder
- - - Waves One-Knob Phatter
- - - Waves One-Knob Pressure
- - - Waves One-Knob Pumper
- - - Waves One-Knob Wetter
- Waves Center
- Waves NLS
- Waves Scheps 73
- Cakewalk Sonitus:FX Suite
- IKMultimedia Amplitube 3 (Metal Pack)
- Minimal Systems Stereo Bus Compressor
- Minimal Systems SSi Compressor
- Minimal Systems Master Limiter
- Minimal Systems Tri-Comp
- Ohmforce Ohmicide
- Native Instruments Driver
- Tobybear Madshifta
- Adam Szabo's Phazor
- Antares Auto-Tune Live
- Antares Auto-Tune EFX 2
- Antares EVO Harmony Engine
- Antares EVO CHOIR
- Antares EVO DUO
- Antares EVO Mic-Mod EFX

Dell S2240T Touch screen Monitor (Control Surface)
ADAM A5X Monitoring Speakers
Shure SM58 Mic
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer (Hooked upto Mic for Fry Vocal hardware saturation)
IMG-Stage ECM-140 USB Mic
UA-4FX External ASIO Unit (Needs upgrading)
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (Soon Upgrading to an RME HDPSe RayDat or an AIO. Maybe an SSL Alphalink if I save up)
Some Generic 49 Key Keyboard (still working fine after 3 years)


If you want to sound like me on the cheap though (unlike the colossal investments above), this is all you need to get started:


Audio News (December)

2014-12-03 18:17:43 by Lich

Welcome to my corner again! Music news from Lich


1) Ascended Through Agony - Delay due to quality control (for the greater good though)

It's safe to say that I've improved as a musician over the last 6 months more so than any period in the past. My taste, compositions, mastering, patch creation and writing mainly. So tracks made at the start of the development period honestly don't sound anywhere as good as later stuff. So it's really time I went through, gutted the lot apart and pick everything apart bit by bit untill I am satisfied with the end product. Ideally i want to do this so I don't regret it later on down the line and it gives me a golden opportunity to go through everything with more feature-ridden, better sounding and updated versions of various Softsynths and FX/Mastering tools I have been using. Stay tuned for more soon.


2) Expect an EP before an Album (and expect it to sound awesome and priced at 'pay whatever/almost free'

I'll play it safe for now and release a 4-track EP or something along the lines of that. December gives me an ass-load of free time and with everything else out of the way and dealt with I could easily do a track per 20 hours if I at least moderately apply myself. I might even feel spiritual enough to create a contest on the Newgrounds audio forum for peeps to do full remixes of either one of two tracks offered (with cash prizes up for grabs!) I would be more than happy to give out full MIDI scores, samples and whatever else to let contestants have enough material to do a good job!


3) "Lich, is there any normal upoads you are working on to dump to Newgrounds?"

Working on Gutting my album progress apart and sorting an EP out for filler to keep the fans happy. Chances are rejected tracks will end up being skeaed onto Newgrounds for people to listen and download for free anyway haha. Keep an eye out, I may have a fair few uploads for this month!


4) The LichLord Logo

I'm probably going to go through another design rehash now that I have my Graphics tablet fully operational and have grown pretty competant with it, I might even try my hand at doing my own EP cover for the hell of it (sticking with Rhunyc's awesome commision job he done for my album cover for the album though!) Pics coming soon.

Might make some DSBM again.

2014-11-21 13:35:42 by Lich

Thinking about making some DSBM or just straight up Black Metal at some point again. Any inspirational suggestions any of you fine chaps can suggest?

NG BBS Brawl (Name TBD) Concept

2014-11-18 16:00:40 by Lich

@Voltage, roster concept any good?



FL Observation: CPU & ASIO Balance

2014-11-06 19:23:37 by Lich

So for the chaps out there who have all of their Multi-thread options setup in FL's options and then go and sequence a track, notice how it gets to 100% CPU usage on heavier projects filled with more audio outputs being handled and then to your horror you check task manager and only 30-70% of your CPU is actually being used accross all available logical-cores?

Welcome to the world where FL's performance meter seems to be a good balance between a capable CPU and a capable ASIO solution in what it actually reports. Oh and I'm feeling sorry for people with cheap PCI and USB interfaces (like me currently!) for handling their ASIO tasks.

I think it's time for you PC users to save up for a nice RME interface (an RME HDPSe AIO should work wonders) or if you are on shoestring budget, an ESI PCI-E card (like the Juli@ XTe) might be the next best option. Can't really suggest much for Windows laptop users, USB3 or Firewire interfaces might be the only thing (Macbook & Mac Pro users of course have the joys of Thunderbolt interfaces to play with which is nearly the equivalent of External PCI-E). Your hardy ol- Audiophile 2496 cards are going to get to the point where they just don't cut it, Christ I'm starting to get to the belief that ASIO > CPU might be the primary focus for future audio workstation builds to recommend.

I mean put it this way, you could have a 24-core Xeon E5-V3 setup ready to slay audio processes with but a shitty USB 2.0 or ancient standard PCI ASIO interface to work with. Said interfances can only handle 'X' amount of tasks before issues like Audio crackling, loss of quality and processing overhead leaks through, A newer and pricier interface will be able to handle more audio tasks to work with and talk to your CPU before that eventually limits itself. The better the unit, the more it can handle (some of them even come with special features aswell which may come in handy!). So get busy saving if you are having issues within FL or other DAW's, it's more likely you have a shitty interface as opposed to a shitty CPU (I'm ESPECIALLY looking at you ASIO4ALL users, cmon guys even a n 8 year old card won off of ebay for like £20 will do a better job).


On lighter news, I will be uploading a track over the weekend with me singing in a cleaner style. Think along the lines of SITD or Wumpscut in inspiration of the vocal styling!