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Ascended Through Agony - Album News and why I delayed it (It's good news)

2014-09-28 19:28:25 by Lich

So you guys have been sitting there and wondering what the hell is happening with my album right now? Well at it's current stage I could of technically released it right now but I had the feeling that a mere 6 tracks isn't enough. nstead I've been working on expanding the album to around 10-15 tracks altogether. It's going pretty awesome. Yeah it will take extra time I think but I want this to be the best-possible first FULL album release by moi.


So this is what the planned line-up will be track-wise: ( * = Completly Origonal, ** = V1s released to Newgrounds for competitions & will be reworked for Album release, *** = Past track, Completely reworked for the album


Intro Cinematic) - The Inevitable Outbreak *

An Electro-Cinematic stompy and sharp introduction to the album with dialogue thrown in to set the mood. Nasty!


1) - Ascended Through Agony *

This self-titled track to the album one sounds fucking awesome, alt club material right here. First track I worked on for the album and probably one of my overall favorites! Everything seems to work well together in this one, don't skip it!


2) - Abandoned Testing Grounds *

A much slower-paced track which feels extremly smooth to listen to and has a nice appropriate blend of vocal-work and structuring to make it sound sinister but not difficult to listen to. Think of a strong bitter coffee but it actually tastes nice.


3) - Code Zombicide *

Militaristically stompy, unforgivabely detuned and futuristic in sound, break out your masks and stomp along. The track is all about Cybernetically Augmented Zombies smashing their way out of a govermental testing facility and slaughtering everyone (so should that be inheritantly be awesome enough for people to like it?)


4) - Reality Tyranity *

A more experimental track by nature, this has pauses between leads for Vocals to have more of a spotlight and a more warped-sounding finish to it.


5) - Limbo Awaits *

A more straight forward and structured tracks, probably the most normal trac by comparison haha. Should be part of a solid backbone for the rest of the lot to wok with.


6) - Host Victim **

Uploaded onto Newgrounds as a V1. Updating and redoing parts for album release.


7) - Thy Creator **

Uploaded onto Newgrounds as a V1. Updating and redoing parts for album release.


8) - Valleys Of Steel *

Oh man, the atmosphere in this track sounds depressing. More Arp's and pads in this one. I can envision some quite dystopian situations where this would be appropriate. This might be in top 3 personal favorites once it's fully made.


9) - Devoid Ov Everything (Devoid Ov Life) ***

That's right Lich/LichLord fans of the past, this track is getting a complete overhaul to modern album-standards and some hefty synth-changes have reconstructed this to become even more fearsome.


10) - Unidentified Fatal Object ***

A track from the cancelled album of mine 'Dystopian Hivemind'. Very cybernetic in nature, lots of Virus-like synth work going on in the background to aid the track's momentum.


11) - Everyone Withers *

A very interesting mix here between Electronic, Orchestral and Metal here. Nothing overly extreme (the electronic part is the main dominator) but it does it more for atmosphere and how everything blends together. Easily the hardest to Mix & Master haha.


12) - Endless Voidal Agony ***

The best track from my shitty EP from 2012, this one is getting a modern touch up. I can see it sounding better when a good touch-up has been done to it. I MIGHT also redo Cryoannihalation depending on how much time I have left.


13) - Cyber Nation ***

A Track from my cancelled 2013 Album, 'Dystopian Hivemind'. I admit it, I've danced to the cours of this haha, it's awesome. This needs some serious work doing to it to bring it backup to modern standards but it should be good.


14)  - The Bone Lord *

Album grand-finale, this should be a good closing track (and a closure to the the months of fustration and success I've had with this whole album haha). Nothing super solid down for this yet but I guarantee a good end to it.


ALBUM RELEASE: - It's done when it's done

ALBUM PRICE UPON RELEASE: Changed to Pay-what-you-want (1p, £1, £100, whatever you fancy paying and it's all yours)



So the plans to construct my full (in real life) suit of Cyber Armor has how officially started with the ordering of several hundred £££ worth of equipment to start the base off of as. The plan is to get it to a functionally presentable level for Halloween and then modify it even further untill it looks like a truly unique piece in it's own right!

The Full suit of it will be White plated Cybernetic/Futuristic-looking armor (with a Biohazard-styled Cybergoth kilt/skirt going down the the legs to around past the kneecaps) and most of the gaps will have Neon Green EL wire ran through them and powered up to turn on with a flick of a switch. No helmet for this edition, it's purely going to be Hood, Mask and goggles for now (see profile pic). I was thinking about naming this suit of cyber armor once it's done something along the lines of 'Biowither MK1 Cybershell'.

Who knows what the future will bring? Maybe in the MK2 edition next year I could design and heavily mod a helmet to have a functioning visor or have some kind of eyepiece connected to an Android device sneakily running inside of the suit etc. Make things abit bulkier or whatnot.

I should recieve the Majority of the top base by Thursday/Friday so I'll throw some pics across then aswell once I've sprayed over any unnecessary logo's etc. Stay tuned for another very exiting update!

Welcome back to Lich/LichLord news.

1) Album: Ascended Through Agony is almost done. I still have other things to get out of the way first. It's a case of not setting a deadline and just getting it done-when-it's-done. Which should be shortly.

2) So after a chat with a few people in the Real world and some of the more anonymous commentors online, they quite liked the DSBM track I posted up named: Realm Of Woebegone, which can be found below:

I've always had an idea at the back of my mind to try and do a more dedicated DSBM project, have it as a side-project (LichLord still being my primary of course as Electro-Industrial). Maybe I should name such a project something ironic like 'Sunshine Skyway' ? (Just think on that one for a second or two). Think of a beautiful-sounding mix between Lustre, Lost in Desolation and My Useless Life. Of course I would make my voal work as evil/chlling as possible.

3) This year for Halloween, Fancy dress events and general fucking around in a huge suit of cyber armor I am buying and constructing the bits off of ebay one-at-a-time. I should also have my new Mask/Respirator soon. Pics will be up in the next couple of weeks. Expect the suit to be wired-to-shit with EL-Neon Red in gaps etc. If anything to go by the plan, think of a geneal blend between Assasins Creed mixed in with Cybergoth & Rivethead styling and maybe a touch of Halo here and there in theme-work (shitty description but it'll look better in person, trust me guiseeeeeeee).

Standard News Post

2014-09-02 14:52:30 by Lich

1) Madness day is in 20 days, definitely making an Electro-Industrial track for it this year. My personal guarantee that it will be much, much better than last year's one (which somehow got 2nd place).

2) Album: Ascended Through Agony is nearly finished. No additional demo's but hang tight!

3) Expect to see some Electro-Cinematic pieces on the side. 'Thunderfist' was merly an experimentation compared to what I have cookin up!

4) I'm gonna win the Worst Song contest, just you guise wait. I have something especially bad being formed.

So the last day or so my ageing Phenom II T1100BE Build has been spiking 70C/80C and even just under 90C on the CPU temp's shown. Consistent restarts within 10-15 minutes of sequencing something randomly occur and the machine is almost inoperable. So this is what I have done tonight:


1) Unplugged everything, opened the case up and disassemble everything

2) Cleaned up the CPU surface and applied fresh Thermal cooling

3) Hoovered out the whole case, detatched all case fans and soaked in water for 20 minutes and then dried. Same with dust filters but in a bowl of more mild water to not damage the mesh

4) Refitted everything, repositioned cabling to the best I could possibly achieve and got the top fan working again (it fell off before I turned off the PC in the first place and hit my CPU Cooler while it was still running, yikes!)

5) Set all fans in User Mode to Turbo in the BIOS, use ASUS EZ Mode to quickly put it onto an 'Energy Saver/Cooler' profile.

6) Booted back into Win7 and set the Maximum Processing state dwon from 100% to 90% and the Minimum from 75% to 10%

7) System now idles at 45C (which is still shitty but much better than before) instead of idling at 65C/ Average. This is considering I'm running the origonal 'be quiet! Dark Rocker Pro' for AM3 so it's still unusually high for a cooler like that.


To be honest, I built it origonally as a multimedia machine back in 2011, back before I even touched a DAW outside of school. Haha, how times have changed, audio plugin's run in abundance is the main reason it's dying (inb4 bouncing WAV's, my sequencing process is too inconsistent to bounce WAV's around all day long).

Pic Below (if you can see it): what I'm planning on blowing my cash on soon. Just pretend that the Xeon E5 2630 V2 is actually an E5-2630 V3 by the time I get around to building the system (the E5-2630 V# by then will be an 8-core Xeon at 20MB L3 Cache instead of the current 6-core model at 15MB Cache. No rumored additional price). Oh yes I can certainly justify the price since it's not only going to be just for DAW use (but DAW's going to be the primary use for a new build).


Name Change

2014-08-06 17:01:32 by Lich

Name Change: 'LichLordMusic' --> 'Lich'

Also, be expecting some more album demo's and a Futurepop track shortly!

June/July LichLord News

2014-07-28 16:35:14 by Lich

So what am I upto?


1) Album is still in production at varying speeds. All subscribed fans before the full release will still get a free copy!

2) Myself and Deshiel are both doing a cover/remix/stylised injection of one of our tracks each. While I am doing Deshiel's 'Stage Two' a LichInject, Deshiel is currently looking at 'Abandoned Testing Ground' and seeing what magic he can sprinkle onto it! The 'Stage Two' (LichInject) is essentially finished, I am just doing DIalogue and Lyrical writing and recording before fully releasing it the the masses of Newgrounds!

3) NGADM, lel doubt I'll get into the 1st round but if I do, prepare for audio agony!

4) I have gotten a copy of FPS Creator Reloaded GOLD after being offered a 40% off voucher for it. Downloading and shall be messing around with during the next couple of months. If I ever get the hang of it and start creating my own models etc. I'd be extremly happy to collab with a few people here and make a game along the style of the old Metroid Prime games or something similar, that would be damn awesome!

5) Working weekdays like normal, plenty of later hours I'm getting home now so I'm having to conserve time abit more. Oh well it will make me more efficient.

6) Thinking of possibly getting a few guys together here on Newgrounds and make our own online band or something in the possible future?


Anyway, that's all from me for now!

So I've demo'd BitWig on and off for around 10 man-hours so far and for a DAW which has seen it's full release drop this year (was up for Beta testing for around 2 years prior apparently), I do quite like it overall. The demo itself is like FL's, No Saving or Exporting but unlimited timeless use to try the product out etc.


Awesome Stuff I like about BitWig so far: (I still have much to learn and explore)

 - The user interface makes sense within around 30 mins of using the program for the first time

 - Better Auto-Quantanizing parameters when recording notation straight into a Pattern clip

- A choice between pooled/unified or individual VST processing

- Multi-Platform support (Windows, OSx & Ubuntu so far but they might be supporting another distro or two in the near future)

- Plug-ins are 'Sandboxed' inside of special wrappers, preventing the DAW from crashing if the VST errors out

- Open API for linking up and coding Controller's to run in BitWig looks hugely promising, especially for 3rd party developers

- The 'Detail Editor', basically a pimped-out Sample editor which is damn awesome

- It's (on average) less resource-intensive than FL or Cubase Elements after making comparisons between the three out of general curiosity.


Go check a brief feature set here! -


2014-07-07 18:12:19 by Lich

So I am totally cooking up an audition for the NGADM and have something pretty solid down already. It's pretty much unlike anything I've ever done before and it sounds incredibly vicious *cough* Industrial Black Metal *cough*. Soooo, over the next couple of days I'll see how it goes and upload it as my audition piece and hopefully get through (unlikely, half the competition have already been curb-stomped by the Orchestral/Cinematic krew's Audition pieces). Stay tuned.


Also, not much else in terms of album updates. Just slowly progressing forwards, getting stuff done, rewriting other bits and mastering a couple of the done ones up properly. More news in the next post regarding the album shall be available.

More Album progress!

2014-06-29 09:26:53 by Lich

So this is just a small update regarding album progress really.

3 tracks super-dooper done, another two on the verge of completion and robably two more planned after that. For some of my oldest fans who have enjoyed and liked some of my 2011 shit, I have a suprise rework of one track in the 'almost done' part which sounds pretty damn awesome but I won't tell you guys which one it is untill I get preview No. 2 uploaded onto Newgrounds sometime. Even I marvel sometimes despite the absolutely terrible mastering (did I do it inside of a tin can or something?) some of the oldies compositionally do sound awesome when rebuilt and modernised. (One hint, it's a 2011 track of mine and the obvious hint: "My madness descending, alone forever", go hunting folks!)

As mentioned in the previous preview, anyone who is a subscribed fan to my Newgrounds page by the time of the album release shall recieve a free download code as a special thank you to you all! All you have to do is send a PM back when the time comes that I spam everyone's inboxes with the offer.