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2014 LichLord Updates

Posted by Lich - January 3rd, 2014

Welcome to 2014, LichLord speaking. Or should I also say Nuclear Goddess? :)

So this is how things are at the moment:

  1. My Side project after much morphing is now written down in stone. My Side project is now finally named 'Nuclear Goddess' and all releases under the name are seperate from LichLord. I already have some traks set up and the style I would like to advertise it as is: Slower, More Atmospheric in nature and the Lyrics are a mixture between Clean & Fry (Think of Slow Electro-Industrial with Trad-EBM Vocal-work mixed in with some Fry backing). My biggest problem is honestly my extreme lack of time to get this or anything else sorted out, hence why if I wasn't working for a living or taking care of anyother responsibilities I would be churning out release after release around now.
  2. The game I was going to help out with some SFX & basic Music for has now been scrapped. The collab with my RL friend is also on hold/scrapped completly and I'm still unhappy with the vocal-work I've recorded for JRob's piece (Super dooper apologies about that, I will honestly get around to sorting that out, pls dnt kiil me JRob :(
  3. More plugins have been purchased over the Christmas period, I now have the Waves Gold Bundle (Upgraded from Silver), I now also have the whole Arturia V-Collection available to me as well as Waves Center (which I have been waiting to go on sale for 6 MONTHS!). I am constantly injecting money every month into either software or hardware but you know what? It's worth every penny. I enjoy doing it and I don't expect any Monetary return from it. Just like how people spend Thousands on New cars or Ski equipment, they buy their stuff because they like what they do. Anyway, combined with my ADAM A5X's, shit sounds glorious in general. Expect high-quality uploads this year, you won't be dissapointed!
  4. Back to Nuclear Goddess, this is currently somewhere between #1 and #3 in my Priority list at the moment. I will get an EP cover painted up for me by a Newgrounds artist once the EP is actually like 90%-100% finished, which shouldn't be too long considering it will only be like 3-4 tracks long tops. Liking the sound of it already.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone and I shall be listening to all of your tracks and I will be releasing my own stuff sooner than later.