Dystopian Hivemind: News (Rewrite)

2013-10-29 06:59:37 by Lich

Q: So what's going on with Dystopian Hivemind? Was that supposed to be released like a month ago?

A: I've learned some very valuable musical lessons in structuring, mastering and sound design and it's safe to say what I did make for the album doesn't sound as appealing as it used to be. I'm going to release one or two tracks seperatly on Newgrounds for free and Two others shall be rewritten into the album with drastic changes.

Q: But what will your new stuff sound like?

A: Less Dance-like, more grit and more nastiness and a slower pace. I'm also In the process of retraining my vocal chords for future releases to make it easier. Think Psyclon Nine (Crwn Thy Frnicatr and before in style) meets Grendel and C-Lekktor in a massive musical mash-up. I am emphasising on high-quality track mixes with more subtle distortion. I'm probably happiest working on mainly self-made patches and with some de-tuning for a rather evil result.

Q: But I like your older stuff, dnt chnge pl0x

A: Tough. I assure you that my newer stuff sounds much, much better.


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2013-10-31 13:44:18

Q: Why don't you make instrumentals like Cryoannihilation and Poison Throne anymore?

A: Because I hate you all.

Lich responds:

Dnt wry bby, I have one cooked up just for you xxXXxxXxxXXx


2013-11-14 20:53:22

I actually looking toward your newer stuff. Why? Every time I listen to your new stuff, every time they surprise the hell out of me. Skills, arrangements and music. Crazy stuff.

Lich responds:

You won't be dissapointed by some of the stuuf I've had cooking up for awhile then :)
Glad you like my work!