Making 'LichLord' FL Studio 10 Skin!

2013-03-15 22:13:42 by Lich

I am as of now starting and working on a new Skin for FL Studio 10 which can be used for free.
As I finish editing and testing more and more of the bitmaps used in FL, I will require BETA testers to try the skin on different screen sizes and I will probably make a thread in the Audio forum when I have done enough to publish it but have the files ready to edit any unnoticed errors.

I will probably post pictures of my progress as I finish more and more of it. For now, I have finished some buttons and I have finished the design of the keyboard view in the Piano Roll (The left is the default look per key, the right is if you hit a note).

Making 'LichLord' FL Studio 10 Skin!


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