Week off = Loads of Tracks for the week!

2013-02-11 13:38:33 by Lich

Since I have the week off, I can start to pump out & upload a few of my projects which are in progress, these mainly include:

- A Symphonic Death Metal track (with good ol' Superior Drummer 2 + TMF Expansion)
- A Futurepop track with vocal-work.
- Some weird Acid/Freeform/Hardcore Hybrid which was slapped together for fun.

They should be up this week. Stay tuned.


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2013-02-14 13:34:28

Death Ritual was amazing and I just downloaded it!

Lich responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
I am working on two metal tracks to hopefully release in the next 2 days. One's a remaster of an older demo (ShiningDemise) completly remastered from the ground up and with better drum-work and the other one is going to be a quicker orchestral metal track called AgonyTrials.