Generous Mood for Commenting on Audio and whatnot.

2012-11-13 15:23:31 by Lich

I'm in one of those positive moods at the moment where I will sit down and review & score any track which is thrown my way. Currently going through the Audio portal as we speak and looking for new stuff to listen to.

If anyone comments with a link to a/their track, I will gladly do the same :)


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2012-11-13 16:38:10

Im sorry I caught you at a bad time

Lich responds:

Never a bad time for the old comments and whatnot.


2012-11-13 21:49:24

Please feel free to listen to any of my works. Given some of your aggrotech postings thus far: Counter-Attack may be a good place to start. .


2012-11-19 20:34:35

As a i read this entry i felt like you sir deserved a review for doing volunteer work on reviews :D
Feel free to choose which one to review or none if you dont feel like it xD
Crazy Psychedelic
Kinda Normal with vocals

Cheers buddy!

Lich responds:

Commented :)