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LichLord Album #2 - Update

Posted by Lich - November 12th, 2018

LichLord Album #2 Update

Been extremely occupied by work going on as usual, but I've managed to push aside enough time to at least try and make some proper progress over the last three weeks.

1 - First Version of the album cover is done. Album will be called "Starshine Oblivion". I may make alterations to the album cover, or leave it as it is haha.
2 - I'm juggling between three track ideas at the moment with major progress being made on two of them. I'm hoping to have a full demo of either one or two of them available by the end of the month. Possibility that I might ask one of the mixcloud radio lads nicely if they would be willing to play a demo on one of their shows during December if they have room for a 4-5 minute piece.
3 - Realistically, I'm looking at an early 2019 full release on this. While I did think on chopping this down into EP length a few days ago, I've decided to just man-mode my way through the existing plans and keep track length at roughly around 6-7 with a playlength of 30-35 mins tops and keep it at short-album length. I don't want to have a repeat of SCM where an album drags on for almost an entire hour! All tracks included will be full originals composed during 2018/2019, no reworked older pieces being slotted in. I'll save the old reworks and remixes for the future ""Legacy Vault"" plan sometime later during 2019/early 2020. Most of 2019 time after LichLord Album #2 is released will be filled up with something else I will announce next year.
4 - Regarding track designs, it's mostly been a solid balance between much more vocal & experimental self-patched synths mixed in with Orchestrated & Cinematic scoring elements I've been adding in with an array of Kontakt Libs. Being upfront with how the end result is going to be: this will not be a pure Aggro album (although it will remain as the core binding). Hellektro 4/4 Club Banga No.43775 is in another castle! What I'm doing is much more fun to make haha.


That's all for now. Have a good evening.


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Starshine Oblivion? That doesn't sound dark for a lich king...

Universal Armageddon will have to do for now. We can rebuild this realm in our image afterwards