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Posted by Lich - December 29th, 2018

Lich Updates

Hey, It's been awhile. Birthday's gone past, new year is upon us and I've been making some more progress.
So lets get a status update going:

1 - In terms of composition work, I'm around 40%-50% there on Album #2. I've had very little time in terms of 'free' evenings to do too much apart from perhaps a few seconds at a time here & there. However, I'm definitely still making progress and I've got track ideas sequenced down for an intro + 3 other tracks at this stage. Starshine Oblivion's total run-time is going to be sitting at roughly around 30 mins or so by the end of the composition period which does give me the luxury of actually making tracks with minimal-to-no repeating segments whatsoever. Cutting out the fat & whatnot 👍 Should be 1 Intro Cinematic + 5 Regular Tracks. Definitely much harder to make than anything off the previous album haha.

2 - The sound design aspect is growing much more diverse as I've been accumulating even more Kontakt Libs & general recordings. I've also upped my Master Workstation with additional RAM, so hosting alot of this in a template will no longer be an issue. If it's a weird instrument you can think of, it's probably ready to be used. I've got nothing to lose by going experimental on sound sources since I don't consider LichLord as a commercially viable project at all haha. All for fun at the end of the day.

3 - I've done some album artwork edits, mainly shrinking the logo down and pushing it into the bottom-right corner. I'm just deciding on what font to use underneath. I'll push out another album artwork update once I've decided.

4 - Still no new full demo's yet. I'll get at least one of them out shortly. I should have a draft of the intro Cinematic sorted before the New Year as I do want to enter it as an individual piece for a contest. In terms of a regular track, perhaps sometime in January I might get one ready for then.

5 - I've got a brand new Mastering Chain sorted. General Sound Quality for Starshine Oblivion will be better than the previous album by quite a noticeable amount. Much better Bass Presence, better soundscaping for pads & choirs, smoother highs etc.

That's it for now. I'll push out anything major as I go along and see what happens during the first third of 2019.


Posted by Lich - November 12th, 2018

LichLord Album #2 Update

Been extremely occupied by work going on as usual, but I've managed to push aside enough time to at least try and make some proper progress over the last three weeks.

1 - First Version of the album cover is done. Album will be called "Starshine Oblivion". I may make alterations to the album cover, or leave it as it is haha.
2 - I'm juggling between three track ideas at the moment with major progress being made on two of them. I'm hoping to have a full demo of either one or two of them available by the end of the month. Possibility that I might ask one of the mixcloud radio lads nicely if they would be willing to play a demo on one of their shows during December if they have room for a 4-5 minute piece.
3 - Realistically, I'm looking at an early 2019 full release on this. While I did think on chopping this down into EP length a few days ago, I've decided to just man-mode my way through the existing plans and keep track length at roughly around 6-7 with a playlength of 30-35 mins tops and keep it at short-album length. I don't want to have a repeat of SCM where an album drags on for almost an entire hour! All tracks included will be full originals composed during 2018/2019, no reworked older pieces being slotted in. I'll save the old reworks and remixes for the future ""Legacy Vault"" plan sometime later during 2019/early 2020. Most of 2019 time after LichLord Album #2 is released will be filled up with something else I will announce next year.
4 - Regarding track designs, it's mostly been a solid balance between much more vocal & experimental self-patched synths mixed in with Orchestrated & Cinematic scoring elements I've been adding in with an array of Kontakt Libs. Being upfront with how the end result is going to be: this will not be a pure Aggro album (although it will remain as the core binding). Hellektro 4/4 Club Banga No.43775 is in another castle! What I'm doing is much more fun to make haha.


That's all for now. Have a good evening.


Posted by Lich - September 4th, 2018

Planning out the last 1/3 of the year, I've decided that I will immediately start work on a second LichLord album. Few things of note that are planned:

- Cutting down the playtime to around 35-40 mins and around 6-7 origonal tracks, but counterbalancing the shortened playlength with a greater variety in structuring, compositional differences between tracks and a much wider variety of sound design sources overall. Soul Consumption Manifest ended up dragging on a tad too long along with having abit too much filler, so hopefully this shall be an overall improvement over the first album.
- Focusing on pushing forward a much more Aggro / Dark Cinematic fusion. I've got a very large arsenal of Kontakt Libraries alongside Synths, I really should be using them more along with quite a few processing FX obtained in the last couple of months haha.
- Diversifying lyrical flows and vocal techniques further. It's likely that I'll probably experiment with style-layering aswell as tweaking the processing chains in general.

No estimated time on when this will be finished, but it shouldn't take an enormous amount of time to do. I've almost finished building up a master compositional template (which shall be finished by the end of the week) and I've got mixing preset chains all saved from SCM I can recycle very quickly. Prehaps a December release could be viable if I have a good few months in terms of personal project time being available.

As I slowly get content developed, I'll keep you all upto date with snippets of in-progress work. I'll be taking an enormous risk with some of the rough ideas I've got planned for Album #2, but in the name of experimentation & progression, it must be done 👌

Special thanks to everyone who has checked out Soul Consumption Manifest during the August release, to the radio stations who have played content from SCM and for those who have purchased SCM on Bandcamp. I shall (hopefully) keep you all interested & hyped going into Album #2.

For those who missed my last announcement, Soul Consumption Manifest is available on Bandcamp: https://lichlord.bandcamp.com/

Posted by Lich - August 27th, 2018

"LichLord - Soul Consumption Manifest" has now been released on Bandcamp! Grab it here: https://lichlord.bandcamp.com

The album will also become available in the next 1-3 days through Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play and Pandora for anyone who wants to listen to it through their apps. It's likely I will also start uploading previews to Newgrounds of the tracks over the upcoming week.
EDIT: Now available on ALL mainstream platforms!

Special thanks to NuclearWorm for providing me with the artwork. Check out her other art in the link below:



Posted by Lich - January 7th, 2015

Thank you very much for the Front Page feature! In celebration I finished these two tracks off in record time and have uploaded them as my first submissions for 2015!