PC On the Verge of Fucked, TImely Intervention by Moi

2014-08-11 20:35:37 by Lich

So the last day or so my ageing Phenom II T1100BE Build has been spiking 70C/80C and even just under 90C on the CPU temp's shown. Consistent restarts within 10-15 minutes of sequencing something randomly occur and the machine is almost inoperable. So this is what I have done tonight:


1) Unplugged everything, opened the case up and disassemble everything

2) Cleaned up the CPU surface and applied fresh Thermal cooling

3) Hoovered out the whole case, detatched all case fans and soaked in water for 20 minutes and then dried. Same with dust filters but in a bowl of more mild water to not damage the mesh

4) Refitted everything, repositioned cabling to the best I could possibly achieve and got the top fan working again (it fell off before I turned off the PC in the first place and hit my CPU Cooler while it was still running, yikes!)

5) Set all fans in User Mode to Turbo in the BIOS, use ASUS EZ Mode to quickly put it onto an 'Energy Saver/Cooler' profile.

6) Booted back into Win7 and set the Maximum Processing state dwon from 100% to 90% and the Minimum from 75% to 10%

7) System now idles at 45C (which is still shitty but much better than before) instead of idling at 65C/ Average. This is considering I'm running the origonal 'be quiet! Dark Rocker Pro' for AM3 so it's still unusually high for a cooler like that.


To be honest, I built it origonally as a multimedia machine back in 2011, back before I even touched a DAW outside of school. Haha, how times have changed, audio plugin's run in abundance is the main reason it's dying (inb4 bouncing WAV's, my sequencing process is too inconsistent to bounce WAV's around all day long).

Pic Below (if you can see it): what I'm planning on blowing my cash on soon. Just pretend that the Xeon E5 2630 V2 is actually an E5-2630 V3 by the time I get around to building the system (the E5-2630 V# by then will be an 8-core Xeon at 20MB L3 Cache instead of the current 6-core model at 15MB Cache. No rumored additional price). Oh yes I can certainly justify the price since it's not only going to be just for DAW use (but DAW's going to be the primary use for a new build).



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