LichLord Audio Quality Control & New track Progress

2014-05-03 20:27:48 by Lich

So what's LichLord upto?


Recently I have made a few test tracks trying out various different Mixing and Mastering styles. Lets call these 'prototracks' per say as they don't really construct so much into proper songs, they exist only for the Purpose of testing how differwent techniques and applications can produce the best result for the genre I work within. This shall be present in anything newer than my recent Pico Day track 'BloodLie' and all future audio entries will be of greater quality as I've found a sequence which will aid me greatly,

Next on the list is actual tracks. Two of them are currently in development and they are going very well at the moment. One is titled 'Soul Sanction' which is extremly agressive in nature (The drum samples alone are influenced from Suicide Command's distorted drum setup, but maybe abit more Punchier and with alittle less noise emitting outwards). The other one which is going in an Interesting direction called 'End Of THe Universe'. A slower, arguably softer but more brooding piece, this is pretty much encorporating heavily detuned synth-work in a slower and more atmospheric way. For my older fans, think of this as a new and nastier version of my track 'DevoidOvEverything'.

Lastly, I could submit them one by one on Newgrounds like normal or I can get shiny cover-art sorted out by someone and get a selection of new unreleased material finished off and released depending on lenght as an EP or Album... for free of course (Aka, it'll be Pay-what-you-want but I'd go say Pirate it once it's finished) if it even goes down that route.

No news on anything else at the moment. No hidden booze-infused tracks coming this way or super special side project suprises, just the above! :D


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