A word with you Musician guys, LichLord sez;

2014-02-25 07:05:08 by Lich

Now I call you bunch of lovely individuals to gather around today and sit down with a nice cup of tea, a few scones or Marmite-smothered crumpets and have a little discussion (or in my case, a ramble). The question is, what is the absolute purpose of carying on with your composing and what do you think is a worthwhile ultimate goal?

Now from how I personally feel, it's down in a priority order of what I think is the most important (#1 Being the Most - #5 being the least) and I have my reasons as to why I think so:

#1 - Enjoyment of one's self-creation (The Most important)

Lets face it, it's almost not worth making anything if you don't enjoy doing it. Fans are important but you are the Master of your own digital empire of music. Whatever change you make, it may quake the very earths but it MUST be for you and solely you as a priority at the end of the day. if a 'Fan' or a 'Grumbler' turns around and says they don't like X, Y or Z, tough shit. They can deal with it.

#2 - A loyal fanbase (Very important)

After yourself, having a fanbase is (in my opinion) infinitly more important than any monetary gain you can have. Even if their respect for you has gone down for some reason, having a fanbase who like your work but may grumble about your antics is better than having no fans at all. Not gaining any income only affects your Production in an Indirect way, if you are short on cash learn to save properly or get a Job (or if your Jerb doesn't pay enough, retrain and get a better one with some hard work).

#3 - Promotion (Pretty Important)

Promotion ties into pretty much everything in this list in one shape or another on an obvious level. It's not that difficult to understand more Promotion equals more opportunities. It's an iffy one though as it doesn't usually influence how the tracks you enjoy to make actually sound but it's vital if you want to build up a loyal fanbase.

#4 - Public Image (Fairly Important)

"If you look like a stupid shit in your video's and sound like a stupid shit, chances are people are going to think of you as a stupid shit" - quote LichLord 2014

No really, people will be put off of your work if you appear on any of your video's or images as ridiculous (unless it's completly intentional and fits in with the theme you are going for, that's alittle different then). A better public image will make your fans probably like you more. that means no whining every few video's on your Youtube pages (unless you have a VERY GOOD REASON TO), no begging for purchases every 5 posts (Link that shit in your signature instead please), no underhanded ways to try and benefit you at the expense of your fan-base etc.

#5 - Money (Least Important but still a factor)

Ahh yes, money. The resource which lets us fellow musicians buy better gear and pay the bills. If I was a completly different person and wanted to focus on making money from music, this would be #1. I personally don't believe chasing for monetary gain off of your music is worth it unless you want to end in a position to be exploited. I must say Kudos to the skilled composers who make a shed-load of money off of commisions AND enjoy doing it. I envy you guys. For the rest of us mere mortals, we are quite happy to release our EP's & Albums for Super-Cheap/Donate-to-get/Free or even pass it onto Pirate Uploaders just to try and get a few more fans for the music we enjoy making.


Well that's pretty much what I think. Do any of you have a different personal order?


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2014-02-25 08:02:43

Not a musician. But I guess this method can also work well for other creative media producing people too. Like having a loyal fanbase, getting a sidejob and such. People should really listen to these tips! At least for those who tries :P


2014-03-08 19:52:09

I pretty much agree. What's the point of creating something that you don't even like yourself?