Album Progress Update!

2013-07-10 15:55:42 by Lich

Album is slowly coming along. Will now reveal the titles of what is being done!
Now a couple of you might see why I might extend the release date possibly into August instead.

Artist - LichLord
Approx Release Date: Between Late July to Mid August
Release Site - Bandcamp
Album Title - Dystopian Hivemind
Approx Length: 40-60 Minutes

1. Dystopian Hivemind
2. Project Pantheon
3. Artificially Emotionful
4. Voidwalker
5. Energy-Starved
6. Stand Aim Fire
7. Cyber Nation
8. Panzerkraft (The Arising)
9. The Outlier (Nuclear Boost)
10. DevoidOvEverything (Dystopian Injection)

Current Progress:
2, 4, 7 and 8 just need vocal recording/rerecording and they are ready for release. 3, 5 and 6 are partially composed, will be done soon. 9, 10 are remasters which I have done a little bit of work on but not enough for completion. 1 will ironically be my last piece to compose as it will probably be a Cinematic & Electro-Industrial Hybrid and will probably take the longest (I have started on it though which is better than nothing).

Album Progress Update!


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2013-07-10 17:18:52

huzzah can't wait!

Lich responds:

I hope that it all goes well in the end, I'm kind of having these days where I get straight in from work and compose like crazy and then I get days at a time where I can hardly think of a decent section to compose and I end up procrastinating doing something else.

Hopefully I'll keep my promise and release it around July-August. I'll probably do the whole album for a fair price of around £3.50/$5 considering the extra plug-ins I've purchased for this and the rising electricity bill :3


2013-07-11 19:12:53

I concur with Real Faction, and have you considered looking into Darkstep DnB?

(Updated ) Lich responds:

Haven't really looked into trying out any Darkstep DnB although I will find a few tracks and maybe give the style a go.

I'm betting you would really be surprised if I told you I am considering trying out a Futurepop or Power Metal track out after I have finished the album? I'm training my voice up and it's a real blast to compose it, singing over-the-top lyrics about dimension-warping dragon riders doing galactic space battles is hilarious. Plus if I do a shit job I always have Auto-Tune EFX to correct it :)


2013-07-14 16:17:21

Oh boy Oh boy...
Great cover btw.

Lich responds:

I can't wait to get this released and finished myself :)

The awesome cover work was done by one of Newgrounds own artists, VanDiablo


2013-07-17 09:15:49

Stoked! Can't wait to have a listen!

Lich responds:

I am considering uploading some previews onto Newgrounds shortly :)